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two guard

Oct 6, 2020

Thanks for listening!

Sep 23, 2020

Thank you for listening!   This is the second episode of the new series we started.  Hope you enjoy!

Intro by my guy:

Sep 15, 2020

Today we talk about:

  • Guests allowed in the bubble
  • Danuel House being kicked out
  • Billy Donovan leaves OKC
  • Mike D'Antoni leaves Houston

This is part of a new series where we discuss a week's worth of news as a recap.  Hope you enjoy!

Intro by my guy:

Aug 27, 2020

We'll be back to regular episodes later this week.  Thanks for listening!


Aug 20, 2020

I'm having a blast watching the playoffs, I hope you are too.  I can't wait to talk to you to soon!  Much love as always, family.